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What do our fees cover?

Fees cover our overhead, like in any business. We are very transparent in providing this information.

Some things that fees go towards are tools, vehicles, maintenance, shop space, insurance (vehicle, workers compensation, liability), licensing, administration/accounting and others. What is left is profit. Before starting your project, we walk through our transparent and simple fee structure to ensure you fully understand your estimate. Communication is extremely important so please, ask any and all questions. We will discuss until you’re satisfied.

We often get asked why customers can’t find their own sub-contractors? 

You can, but we won’t guarantee their work, fees, or timelines. Our subcontractors give us great rates, much lower than if you hired them individually. We also stand-by our contractors’ work and have a very good relationship with all of them. This ensures you get a full crew dedicated to getting your job done professionally, on time and on budget.

Do I need to make a deposit?

Yes, once you’ve decided to hire us after we work through your estimate, you make a 20% deposit. The deposit goes toward the cost of your project and you will eventually be credited back the full 20% by the end.

If the project is not scheduled to start immediately, and/or you want to simply get on our schedule, we take a 2% non-refundable retainer to guarantee your position on the schedule.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, we don’t do contracts. When we do a full estimate for you and you decide to hire us, we simply require that you sign the estimate and make a 20% deposit (or 2% retainer).  The full 20% deposit is required before we begin ordering any materials/supplies.

How do you bill me and how often?

Once your project begins, we bill every two weeks. The invoice includes only what has been purchased, such as windows or a bathtub. Your 20% deposit will start being credited back to you about half-way through the project.  As we get toward the end of the project, most of your 20% deposit will have been credited back. If any of your deposit remains by your final bill, you’ll see that reflected in the total.

Why not hire an architect directly?

Many people do hire their own architect and that is fine. A few important factors should be considered when working with an architect.

  • Seek an architect with design-build experience (this will include an engineer)
  • Be very clear about your budget
  • Stay close to the design to ensure it doesn’t portray features that will be too expensive to implement
  • We offer consultation services to work with your architect to ensure your project is designed to your satisfaction – recommended

Too many times we’ve had clients bring a design to us that won’t work for their budget. Architects don’t always know the cost of implementing something they have designed. This leaves homeowners very frustrated because they end up redesigning their plans. Therefore, we recommend working with a design-build firm. You want a building professional, engineer and a designer who will “stay within the lines” and meet your budget criteria.

If you work with CKC on your design, our goal is to ensure anything put in the design doesn’t exceed your budget. Our expertise in building means we know when something is going to cost more to implement than you expect. We want to ensure you’re satisfied with your final plan, so we’ll be in constant communication.