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Getting Started

As a general contractor, we have spent years developing a wide-reaching network of qualified professionals in all aspects of the building industry to get the job done, no matter how custom or complicated. When you choose to work with us, part of the experience is knowing our great crew of sub-contractors guarantees you expertise and professionalism all the way through your project.

Working with us means you get: great customer service, building and trade expertise, skilled labor, planning and design, experience and management of permits, carpentry, electrical, plumbing and custom work, licensed and insured crew, long-term warranty on your project, and so much more!


Contact CKC about your project

Chris Kelley will meet with you free of charge to discuss your ideas or plans.

Receive an initial estimate (free)

One of the top concerns or questions for most clients is, “how much is this going to cost me?” To help give you a general idea of how much your project may cost, CKC will develop an informal “ballpark” estimate based on all the details and information provided during the initial consultation.

Estimates are intended to give an approximate calculation of the cost. Details and variables impact the project total.

Designing a plan

Creating a plan is an important decision point because this is where you start to make an investment in your dream. It is the foundation of your project and influences everything else beyond this point, including the (free) formal estimate, building permits and blueprints for the builder.

Hiring professionals will help this process go smooth. There are typically three parts to the design: architectural, engineering and permitting.  If an interior designer is desired that’s an added aspect. Additionally, your design team is responsible for filing the required paperwork and documentation for the building permit. Navigating the city or county requirements, even for a simple remodel, is daunting and complicated.

To obtain a professional design, you have a few options:

1. Hire CKC as your design-build firm (recommended). You’ll get a professional architect, engineer and builder all collaborating with you to ensure the plan meets your specifications and budget.  Before you even start down the design path, CKC sends an estimate for the design services so you know what to expect. Fees include:

i. 20% deposit to get on our design schedule

ii. Architectural and engineering service fees

iii. 10% fee on top of the architectural and engineering services – this covers CKC’s time, expenses and final reconciliation/accounting work required by the city

When all aspects of the plan are completed (architecture, engineering and interior design/finish details), a free formal estimate is provided. With your approval, we will then submit the permit application. This can be done before, during or after you receive the formal estimate.

2. You can hire your own architect and bring us the plans when they are complete. We still offer a free formal estimate with this option. We also offer consultation services for a fee to work with your architect and engineer as the project design is developed. Consultation fees for this service are $95/hour with a minimum 1-hour charge. You and/or your architect are responsible for all aspects of the permit application.

If CKC is your hired builder, there is a $65/hour accounting fee to complete the reconciliation paperwork at the end of the project. This reconciliation is a city requirement for the contractor listed on the building permit application. If we are hired as your full design-build firm (option 1), there is no accounting/reconciliation fee.

3. Do the design yourself (not recommended). For small projects that don’t necessarily require an architect or engineer (such as small bathroom or kitchen remodels where fixtures are not moving) this is certainly feasible. However, even the simplest projects can be time consuming to properly draw the plans per city or county requirements if you are not familiar.  While this can save you some design costs, you will likely find yourself doing multiple trips to the city or county offices due to insufficient information on your plans and permit application. Similar to option 2, we offer consultation for $95/hour with a minimum 1-hour charge and a $65 per/hour accounting fee for the reconciliation process required by the city at the end of the project.

Receive a formal estimate (free)

The formal estimate is based on your design plans and initial discussions. The estimate is meant to give you an idea of where you stand within your budget. We do our best to stay on target, but any changes or unforeseen issues during the project will affect your final total. We try to minimize surprises by staying in close contact with you.

Free formal estimates are provided based on a few different scenarios:

1. Estimate based on design plans developed with CKC:

Once all aspects of your design plan are completed (architecture, engineering and interior design/finish details), we provide a formal estimate. As with all estimates, many variables can influence the final total. That’s why we communicate frequently throughout the project.

2. Estimates based on discussion:

A simple kitchen or bathroom remodel with new appliances or fixtures remaining in the same locations are considered smaller projects. In this scenario, where the project doesn’t require a design plan, a formal estimate can be developed based on information provided during early discussions. The overall cost will be impacted by the materials (fixtures, appliances, cabinets, etc.) you choose and any unforeseen issues.

3. Estimate based on existing design plans:

If you worked with a different design-build firm, independent architect, or designer and have existing plans, we will provide you a free formal estimate.

Hire CKC as your contractor

A timeline is established and a 20% deposit submitted to kick off the project.

CKC works closely with you for the entirety of the project

Projects require many discussions and decisions as fixtures, paint colors, etc. are picked or unknowns emerge from under the floors or behind the walls. CKC will be in close communication throughout the project to ensure you are informed and key milestones met.

Building permits

Once you’ve hired CKC, you quickly move to action. Permitting is a complicated process. As your hired builder, our job is to ensure that your design meets Boulder city/county codes and requirements to receive permits.

At the end of all projects valued over $20K, it is required by the City of Boulder that you complete a complicated reconciliation process. If we did the design and permitting for you, then we file the reconciliation paperwork with the City Finance Department at no charge.  However, if we did not do the design and permitting, we charge accounting fees to file the reconciliation.

We often get asked why a homeowner can’t get the permit themselves. The answer is, you can. However, you pay design-build firms to know the codes/requirements and be able to navigate the complicated city process. If you choose to go this route, be prepared to spend hours putting the paperwork together and revising the design to meet Boulder specifications.